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The splendid use of ginger
In the pass times, a ginger was used in medicine to treat many diseases. Here's another way you can use gingers to take care your health.

The ginger helps your sanity

A recent study in Thailand showed that women were from 50 to 60 years old after 6 months of using gingers, their memory and cognitive function were improved clearly. That means the ginger may support to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Adding 100 grams of the grated ginger into stir-fries or salads will help your brain to work better.

The ginger is a natural painkiller

Based on some documentation about the anti-inflammatory properties of the ginger that has an effect as a pain reliever in case of sore joints and muscles.

For mild cases, such as period pain, a cup of the ginger tea can help you to reduce these unpleasant symptoms.

The ginger is anti-allergic

Itchy eyes, runny nose and sore throat are common symptoms of allergies.

If you do not want to use drugs, you can use ginger. You just need to grind a little ginger and add hot water, lemon juice, and honey. And then you mix them up. The ginger stimulates the mucous membrane. Therefore, it will help you to reduce the sore throat.

The ginger helps reduce flatulence

The ginger has warm effects and mitigates the sense of the organs, especially the digestive tract. People with irritable bowel syndrome usually have symptoms such as flatulence, deflation and uncomfortableness. It can relieve these symptoms easily by adding ginger to your diet. Drinking hot ginger water every morning can also promote better bowel function and stop the symptoms of nervous stomach, related to irritable bowel syndrome.

The ginger helps maintain your shape

Research results showed that the ginger would help prevent abdominal obesity, a symptom of heart pressure and increased risk of diabetes.

In addition, the ginger not only helps improve sugar in the blood but also it prevents diabetes.

By Tuyet Nhung
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