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Green Development
The optimal solution for outdoor lanterns
Dien Quang Lamp Joint Stock Company has just released Lamp Compact product with moisture prevention dedicated in order to outdoor light up, especially in wet environments.

Bulbs compact moisture prevention remedy with lanterns outdoor explosion, fire shutter when the heat shock phenomenon meeting unfavorable weather such as humidity, salt fog, rain, insects, especially when the rainy season forthcoming.

Typically, in order to outdoor lighting now almost consumers still have the habit of using the conventional compact lamps or incandescent lamps which are designed only for indoor use, it cannot meet the rigor conditions of outdoor lighting up.

Principle of operation, when the light up bulb will emit a large amount of heat so that the light bulbs used outdoors, in conditions of high air humidity, especially when meeting frost, rain shadow ... lights will be cracking phenomenon, explode and thermal imbalance. In addition when light up outdoor light will attract insects (ephemera, BPH) causes the ball to get into electrical short, fire is very dangerous for the user, and involves a variety of consequences such as : to interrupt production, expenses incurred to replace costly and increases the amount of waste into the environment ...

With the breakthrough in the production of lamps, compact lamps of Dien Quang moisture prevention sealed design absolute standard IP 65 with cover glass ball reinforced double thickness cotton for added durability mechanics. Also moisture prevention compact lamps are designed using special electronic components less heat lamp should help save energy and ensure glowing performance in low voltage conditions and less stable (170 ~ 180V ).

New advancements in manufacturing technology, compact bulbs moisture prevention of Dien Quang is the best solution for outdoor lighting, thoroughly overcome the phenomenon of light bulbs and broken by thermal shock insect ball. The compact lamp of Dien Quang moisture prevention has two types of light is white light and yellow light with two kinds of 20W and 45W power is particularly suitable for outdoor lighting requirements.



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