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A research team includes Mr. Ong Thi Hien, Nguyen Van Dat, Can Tho University, extracted coconut oil from coconut waxes by Soxhlet method with an oil content about 60% of weight of coconut pulp. In addition, the study has also synthesized MBDF with efficiency of 86.5% by magnetic stirring heating methods.
Vietnam will become an energy importer. While renewable energy sources (wind, solar and etc) are virtually untapped, use of non-renewable energy sources (rough oil, coal and etc) is gradually exhausted. If we do not get measures, reasonable strategies in energy conservation issues and use energy efficiently, as result in the not too distant future we will be severe shortage of energy.
Three students have created a microturbine able to harness the rainwater runoff from roofs to generate electricity.
Online energy labeling (25/03/2014)
To help the product importers, producers and suppliers register and implement energy labeling for products easily, Ministry of Industry and Trade has put to use application that allows registration of online energy labeling procedures.
According to Decision No 53 of Prime Minister on the roadmap for biofuel consumption (E5) in the market, on December 1, 2014, the road motor vehicles in 7 provinces and cities have to use E5 bio gasoline.
Solar panels may become more attractive to consumers with the invention of colorful, transparent solar cells that could be used to make stained glass windows.
A survey report of National Geographic Organization for the Challenge Program on Energy (The Great Energy Challenge) showed that rapid growth rate can turn the most populous country in Southeast Asia into gasoline and coal Importers.
World Water Day 2014 aims to promote sustainable activities in the field of water and energy.
Researchers have developed an energy-efficient way to convert plastic shopping bags into a variety of petroleum products—giving shoppers another reason to keep the bags from landfills, roadsides and oceans.
Over the past 9 months working, Bac Lieu Wind power plan is now connecting to national grid with capacity of more than 20 Million kWh. Expectedly, in 2015, the power output could be more 16 times than current power capacity.
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