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Synthesis of biodiesel from coconut oil waxes
A research team includes Mr. Ong Thi Hien, Nguyen Van Dat, Can Tho University, extracted coconut oil from coconut waxes by Soxhlet method with an oil content about 60% of weight of coconut pulp. In addition, the study has also synthesized MBDF with efficiency of 86.5% by magnetic stirring heating methods.

In Vietnam, coconut waxes are grown mainly in Cau Ke district, Tra Vinh province. Average productivity of coconut waxes between 12-24 fruits / tree / year. Coconut waxes have high nutritional value and many studies used coconut waxes for making foods, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics. However, almost people have no information on the integrated study of biodiesel from coconut oil waxes in Vietnam.

The use of coconut waxes in Mekong Delta region (MRD) synthesizes biodiesel, an environmentally friendly fuel has been carried out in this study. To achieve these  goals, biodiesel are synthesized from coconut oil waxes through chemical transesterification reactions of 100 grams of coconut oil waxes, 20% methanol (compared with the volume of oil), 1% potassium hydroxide (compared with volume of oil), in 2 hours reaction with stirring speed at the right temperature. Performance of chemical transesterification reactions achieves high around 86.5%.

In addition, the physicochemical properties of coconut oil waxes as MBDF were assessed through the determination of kinematic viscosity at 400 C and acid index. These two quantities are suitable to the current standard of ASTM, EN, JIS.  GC-MS analysis results showed that methyl laurate and methyl myristrate are two major components of biodiesel synthesized from coconut oil waxes. The result showed that coconut waxes in Mekong Delta region are also a suitable material source that can be considered to produce biodiesel.

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