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Green Development
Using solar water heaters
Vietnam will become an energy importer. While renewable energy sources (wind, solar and etc) are virtually untapped, use of non-renewable energy sources (rough oil, coal and etc) is gradually exhausted. If we do not get measures, reasonable strategies in energy conservation issues and use energy efficiently, as result in the not too distant future we will be severe shortage of energy.

Vietnam is a country with a tropical monsoon climate, energy source from the sun is plentiful. If we know to take advantage and exploit efficiently, we would save a significant energy source, and contribute to environmental protection. For example, in the current economic situation, the use of products that saves energy such as solar water heaters. It is a smart choice, it not only saves consumers’ costs but also saves electricity. This product is considered an essential product for every modern family and one of the solutions consumes economically and effectively today.

Solar water heaters work on the basic principle of transfer sunlight energy into thermal energy to heat water source for living of free-electricity or other energy. Therefore, instead of paying a cost to get heat water for traditional household activities. With this device, consumers only invest in one-time and can use almost free hot water.

Thus, the use of energy conservation and efficiency is not a difficult work. I hope that we use energy effectively to contribute saving precious resources of the country, ensuring national energy security, protecting our living environment green, clean and beautiful.

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