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Discover a new line of carp
In the framework of international cooperation between the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) and the Russian Federation Basic Research Fund, led by Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Van Quan, Institute of Marine Resources and Environment is in charge of Russian counterpart, Dr. Sergey Rastorguev, head of the Kurchatov Institute, has discovered a new group of common carp in the species Cyprinus carpio.

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This finding is based on the results of molecular genetic data analysis, which was published in the journal of Ecology and Evolution (Ecology and Evolution).

Common carp (Cyprinus carpio) plays an important economic role in the aquaculture industry due to its high adaptability to the environment and food resources. So far, there have been many domesticated carp lines in the world. However, the determination of the origin of carp is still controversial in science.

In this study, 68 European carp samples from 9 domesticated lines and 4 different natural fish populations were genetically mapped with the new ddRADseq technique. Results showed that the domesticated lines were divided into two separate groups.

In particular, group 1 consists of carp lines in central Europe and group 2 includes carp lines originating from the North of the former Soviet Union, with cold tolerance. Scientists have shown that the crossing of domesticated carp with natural Amur carp (C. carpio haematopterus) and the selection through the offspring towards adaptation to adverse environmental conditions formed the second group.

Therefore, this research result provides an understanding of the genetically modified history of current Cyprinus carpio carp from natural and artificial carp populations, including a mixture of fish genetic resources naturally with domesticated fish.

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