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Expanding the grass that can reduce emissions causing greenhouse effect
A team of scientists from the two agricultural research institutes in Japan and Colombia have opened out a new type of grass which can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas caused by chemical fertilizers.

The researchers at International Agricultural Science Research Centre of Japan and International Tropical Agriculture Centre of Colombia found the grass called Brachiaria, which is originally from Africa and is grown in Latin America.

This grass’s roots secrete substances which prevent the metabolism from components of chemical fertilizers to gases causing greenhouse effect. After most of nitrogen fertilizers widely used now are fertilized into the soil, they will convert to nitric acid, which then becomes nitrogen oxide gases causing the greenhouse effect 300 times higher than carbon dioxide gas (CO2).

In addition, nitric acid is easily absorbed through the soil and causes ground water pollution, destruction of rivers and oceans’ ecosystems. The substances secreted from Brachiaria’s roots help block the activity of microorganisms, thereby sharply reducing nitrogen oxide emissions of chemical fertilizers.

In addition to the dramatically decrease of greenhouse gas, this herb is a rich in nutrition source of food that higher than the other one present in cattles now.

Researchers have begun planting this grass in South America.

According to experienced researcher Guntur Subarao at the International Agricultural Science Research Center of Japan, the development of new grass will be an important technology to increase agricultural production in the context of increasing world’s population.  

Thien My
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