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Green life
Environmental protection in the construction of new countryside
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued a circular guiding the implementation of environmental protection activities in the national target program on new rural construction period 2010-2020. The Circular will take effect from February 20, 2015.

Green space in new countrysides linked by continuous strips of trees on the roads.

Circular highlighted that the waste water treatment must be suitable with the conditions in rural areas, simple technologies, low costs of investment, operation and maintenance, easy management and operation.

Livestock wastewater from households has to collect and treat in the form of biogas, sedimentation manholes, biological ponds and etc before discharged into village’s sewerages. Household wastewater must be collected and treated by septic tanks, sedimentation manholes.

For solid wastes, they must be treated in the form of burial. The solid waste landfills in newly rural communes do not have waste collection systems from districts, cities must meet requirements, such as ensuring waste accommodation scale at least 10 years, with insulating barriers for the surrounding residential areas; there is no waste runoff phenomena out of the treated areas.

The ecological pond systems in residential areas have to ensure clear space, climate regulation, beautiful landscapes, with the ability to develop husbandry and fisheries, create economic resources.

The system of green trees in the newly rural communes ensure equal area or higher than 2m2 / person. Green space in new countryside linked by continuous strip of trees on the roads connecting communes and villages. It is prior to grow green trees in public places, such as communal offices, kindergartens, schools, commune health stations and etc.

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