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Why do we read books to our children at night?
Taking a little time to read books for young children every night (only about 10 minutes) can significantly benefit to academic achievement as well as children’s family life in the future, scientists from University Stanford (U.S.) confirmed.

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Dr. Anne Fernald, lead team, can detect large differences in word processing speed in young children after a series of studies.

Word processing speed is very important because it helps the mind to evoke thoughts of the next word, or the next evolution in the real world.

For example, when comparing processor speeds in children who are heard less than 600 words / day and more than 1,200 words / day from people around, Dr. Fernald found that children learn vocabularies quickly they often hear a lot of vocabularies at home.

Therefore, reading to our children at night not only helps children have rich and varied words (factors that help develop imagination skills), but also forces the children to memorize facts for tracking story.

"You're building a capable brain of imagining and thinking about the past and future", Dr. Fernald explained benefits of reading to children.

Besides, children handle vocabularies fast at two years old, have better learning abilities when they are 8 years old. Another study has also shown that children learn better in primary school are more likely to achieve high results in higher education levels, find a good job, good marriage as well as abiding law.

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