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Tips with onions, maybe you don't know!
The onion is known for its sweetness and aroma, often used for fried dishes. But did you know that onions have really sudden uses?. Here are 4 tips for you.

1. Cutting onions without tears

It is sure you know tear-gland in your eyes very sensitive to onion fumes.

If you hold the onion and cut the normal way, you will be surely wept.

People often use water to reduce onion fumes. You can soak onions in the water and cut them out.

In the case, you do not have a water tank; can use a bowl or a small basin. Generally, the more moisture is around the onion as possible.

For example, you can wet onions, or dip a knife in the water before cutting and etc.

2. Tips for steaming fish dish

It's annoying when steaming fish dish is broken even tried.

Few thin chopped onion slices are lined in the bottom, will help your steaming fish dish become more aromatic, and it is important that the fish will be completely ripened, and not broken.

3. Deodorizing smell of burnt foods

If cooking a burnt rice cooker that you can’t save situation, but at least you can’t also taste nasty smell by putting a few sliced onions into the pot and covering a lid.

The burnt smell will disappear completely, not cling to the top layer of delicious rice.

4. Boiling fun guo

It is similar to fish dishes; fun guo will be softly ripened without broken crusts in the boiling water if you give the little sliced onions into the pot.

You remember that the onion must be boiled and then put fun guo into the pot.

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