» Today: 10/07/2020
Production of thermal power without CO2
Net Power and Toshiba in collaboration with Exelon Energy Company began operating thermal power provided to electronic grid a suddenly method which is called " completely shut up" carbon dioxide.

Thermal power plants eliminate carbon dioxide emissions, which maintained the cost of construction and maintenance of power plants that are reasonable.

System operation of thermal power plants is using efficient combined-cycle turbines (PSU). Gas not boil water means no water vapor and steam turbines. Instead, the air here used pure oxygen to burn, (with air purification system). As a result, it is formed during the combustion of pure CO2, nitrogen oxides.

CO2 is formed at higher temperatures (due to pure oxygen), high temperature, instead of using heat to boil water, produce steam, gas back to run the gas turbine. Not using steam turbines is a significant cost reduction of a thermal power plant. Basically PSU afford money to compensate for the use of pure oxygen (the air filter).
The remaining CO2 cooled to use in the oil production. The work was developed before the coal gasification technology is widely used Power Net and Toshiba who have used in a thermal power plant 23 MW and operating in 2014.
Scientists have warned of holding CO2 buried under the ground will cause earthquakes, and deadly to humans at the concentrations.

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