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Solar tower in the shape of tulip
Combined tower solar energy system has been built in the city of Almeria (Spain) under the giant tulips.

Tulips Solar Tower is design of AORA (Israel), 115 feet high (35 meters) above the ground.

This project was planned 20 years ago and then testing activities in Israel in 2009.
Tulip Solar System first image in the world consists of 52 mirrors placed at the foot of the tower, heading straight for the sun, is responsible for collecting light, heat distribution as well as flowers light up the tower.

The air inside the flower can reach up to 1000 degrees C and is used to run a generator, providing enough power for about 80 households.

As a combined system, AORA is different from other optoelectronic devices followed different traditions; it can operate with natural gas, biogas, biodiesel or solar energy. This allows this tulip tower can operate day or night without restrictions on hours of natural light.

Besides power generation, the system also produces about 170 kw heat to do desalination, turning salt water into fresh water.

Small architecture with mirrors system is arranged carefully for this tower up just 2,000 m2 - less than the traditional technology with others. Heat and electricity output is estimated will be higher than other solar systems.

Solar Tower combined needs seven months to complete and have a lifespan of at least 25 years. AORA is expected to build more plants of this type in other countries.
Mr. Zev Rosenzweig, CEO of AORA said: "We are very excited about finishing plant their 2nd, and we hope to demonstrate the capability of producing their own unique power, to provide clean electricity to customers 24/7, uninterrupted. "
"The technology and our solutions can be replicated and easily change depending on the situation and environment. I believe that their products will soon be installing more in Spain and around the world - a way for the creation of Israel to help humanity. "

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