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Intellectual Property Science Institute jointly organized the workshop "Law on intellectual property rights and food hygiene and safety conditions" in Ho Chi Minh City
Within the framework of the Agreement on intellectual property, on July 4, 2020, in Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City Institute of Intellectual Property Science (VIPRI) collaborated with the Honoi City Anti-counterfeiting and Trademark Protection Association (HATAP) and a some functional agencies (General Department of Market Management, Department of Food Safety - Ministry of Health, Vietnam Patent Association) organized the Workshop "Law on intellectual property rights and sanitary conditions and food safety.”

Overview of the workshop.

This is a forum for state management agencies, supporting organizations, supporting units and businesses to exchange and discuss issues related to IP rights and infringement of IP rights, measures to deal with infringements of IP rights, regulations related to food hygiene and safety. Thereby, proposing solutions to remove difficulties and obstacles for businesses.

Attending the Workshop, there were Mr. Trieu Van Thin - President of HATAP, Mr. Bui Van Quyen - Former Director of the Southern Work Department, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Patent Association, Mr. Nguyen Hung Long - Deputy Director of Food Safety Department. , Mr. Tran Van Dung - Deputy Director of the Vietnam Administration of Information Technology - General Department of Information Technology, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh - Vice President of Vietnam Patent Association, Mr. Bui Tien Quyet - Chief Representative of VIPRI Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City along with representatives of related departments and agencies, businesses and news agencies.

In the context of the growing market, many cases of producing and trading fake goods, infringing upon intellectual property rights, frauds of goods origin and legal provisions on food safety have changed dramatically, organizing workshop is absolutely necessary to promote the practical role and effectiveness of the protection, protection of intellectual property rights and the proper application of food safety regulations. Thereby, shortening the bridge among individuals, economic organizations and enterprises with the State functional agencies in order to provide solutions to support each other and widely disseminate the fight against fake goods and goods infringes upon IP rights in the context of the current economic integration.

At the workshop, the delegates heard reporters from VIPRI, Department of Food Safety, Vietnam Patent Association introduced the contents,such as identification and protection of intellectual property rights; activities to support enterprises in IP: look up IP information, assess IP ...; tools to support the exploitation of intellectual property information (IPPlatform Tools) for the creation, protection and development of intellectual property; new legal provisions related to food safety. The workshop was very exciting with many ideas exchanged and discussed in order to provide effective solutions related to protection and protection of IP rights of businesses, thereby contributing to limiting acts of counterfeiting trademarks, infringement of IP rights  and etc.

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