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Group of students make wastebastkets to clasify wastes
Using machine learning technology, this 'miraculous' waste bin can sort out recyclables and non-recyclables by itself and put them in the correct compartment.

Trash was tested by the team and the results were highly accurate. The left compartment is inorganic waste, the right compartment is organic waste. Photo: NVCC

This smart bin system called Magic Bin is a product of a group of first-year students including Tran Mau Hieu, Tran Le Duy and Le Dieu Hoa, majoring in Software Engineering, FPT University in Ho Chi Minh City.

Smart trash can use artificial intelligence

Mr. Tran Le Duy, the team leader, said that the Magic Bin is a fully automatic product, users just need to put their hands near the lid, the lid of the trash can will automatically open for users to put garbage in. After that, a camera will work and capture the garbage image and transfer the image to the control area.

Machine learning system will rely on images to identify what waste it is. Next, the controller will instruct the mechanical system to pull the lever to put the garbage in the correct compartment.

Currently, the Magic Bin has two compartments for recycling: non-recyclable (inorganic wastes) and recycling (organic wastes). In addition, the team also installed sensors at the mouth of the bin to signal when the garbage is full.

According to Le Duy, the group tested trash can with the classification accuracy of 90%. The data set that the team has built through artificial intelligence is: bottles, cans, foam boxes, plastic cups and etc. The group is currently building a larger dataset to be able to classify more types of waste.

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