» Today: 21/11/2019
Children visited the first IoT Innovation Hub in Vietnam
More than 100 young people visited the Internet center to connect everything to experience the most advanced technologies that their future will be widely used.

On the occasion of International Children's Day 1/6, more than 100 young friends of the F1 generation of Ericsson Group staff have visited the first Internet Innovation Center (IoT Innovation Hub) in Vietnam to better understand the innovative and advanced values that young friends’ parents make everyday.

In a space of 120 m2, the center presents many main solutions in two areas: IoT for important tasks, such as self-balancing robot control and industrial production using robot arm; and IoT popular applications with great density such as finding smart parking or automatic urban lighting.

The children were introduced by the Center to the model of self-assembled robots with simple and easy-to-understand applications, such as solutions to find cars parked in supermarkets; solutions to control traffic lights according to the time of traffic congestion or no traffic jams so that traffic does not have to wait too long; solutions to forecast landslides, storms, earthquakes; The solution recognizes that the amount of water is sufficient, a stable quality for shrimp and fish farming so that farmers are not difficult.

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