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Standard for stainless steel: Enterprises and consumers benefit together
QCVN 20: 2019 / BKHCN on stainless steel was born, not only contributes to promote business and production activities in the direction of transparency and fairness but also contributes to protecting the interests of consumers, avoiding cases which people have to use poor quality steel products.

At the regular press conference of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Deputy Director of Directorate of Standard, Metrology and Quality Nguyen Hoang Linh answered questions surrounding QCVN 20/2019 / BKHCN about stainless steel. Photo: Han Hien.

Before QCVN 20: 2019 / BKHCN was issued, the issue of stainless steel quality management had encountered practical shortcomings. According to the evaluation of the conformity assessment units, during the process of checking and evaluating the suitability of imported steel quality, it is noticed that there are a number of enterprises importing stainless steel, which do not guarantee quality, by publication under the Base Standards, which have very low physical and chemical requirements compared to the National Standards or Foreign Standards.

For example, SUS201 steel grade of the base standard has a Mn content above 10% and Cr is only less than 8%, while SUS201 steel grade in JIS G4304: 1991 standard of Japan, prescribes Mn upto 7.5%, Cr from 16-18%. Besides, although the Ministry of Science and Technology has issued the Standards TCVN 10356: 2014, TCVN 9985-7: 2014 on stainless steel and TCVN 5834: 1994 on stainless steel tanks, but in TCVN 5834 : 1994 does not regulate the chemical composition, or the limits of  harmful elements to health, which can be discharged from water when used.

Experts said that the enterprise built and announced stainless steel products according to the base standard, so there will be many steel grades of very poor quality, such as insufficient chemical composition and mechanical properties, the warranty is not guaranteed against products manufactured according to national, regional and international standards.

Therefore, the construction and issuance of QCVN 20: 2019 / BKHCN on stainless steel will unify a technical basis for quality control of domestic stainless steel, imported and circulated in the market, helping market healthy, additional tools against commercial fraud, ensuring safety for people and work structures.

Recently, in the process of putting QCVN 20: 2019 / BKHCN into reality, there have been some opinions of enterprises who have questioned the new regulations stated in the regulation.

Regarding this issue, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh, Deputy Director of the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality said that after receiving some reflections from enterprises, the Directorate of Quality Metrology and Quality has follow the guidance from the Ministry of Science and Technology to organize a meeting with businesses to exchange, discuss, help businesses better understand QCVN 20/2019 / BKHCN and solve difficulties and obstacles.

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