» Today: 26/05/2020
Automatic purple onion plant machine uses solar energy
The machine will take care of the whole process of growing onion from soil dig, seeding, soil filling with a capacity of 1 hour / 1.5ha, 4 times compared with making the manual.

The solar-powered purple onion plant machine is the research result of the student group including Phan Thanh Hung, Nguyen Tam, Nguyen Quoc Tien, and a student of the Faculty of Science and Applications, Pham Van Dong University (Quang Ngai).

After more than 3 months of research, the group has produced a solar energy onion plant machine.

Phan Thanh Hung, Team Leader, said that this machine uses a soil-digging mechanism with a head shape as an isosceles triangle attached to a up and down adjustment set to suit the terrain. This adjustment is completely manual so users can easily manipulate and repair when having problems.

Seed collection part is treated by chain drive. The transmitter with integrated spoons on the task of putting the seed into a funnel and from the hopper that had been removed before.

The group members said that in the coming time, the production will be conducted to serve farmers and learn more to upgrade so that the products become superior.

The group's automatic purple onion planting machine has won the Encouragement Award and the Euréka Scientific Research Student Award organized by Ho Chi Minh Youth Union in late 2018.

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