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Production of construction materials from fly ash by semi-dry geopolymer technology
Trung Hau Manufacturing Limited Company has recently researched the technology and successfully produced construction materials from fly ash or ash from coal-fired thermal power plants. With this technology, the product hardens and reaches maximum intensity and can be put to use immediately after production.

Thermal power discharges more than 16 million tons of ash, slag and gypsum every year.

In the process of burning coal to produce electricity, about 20% of inorganic substances do not burn and the unburnt coal is stuck into large particles and falls to the bottom of the furnace called coal slag or bottom ash. The remaining 80% of non-flammable inorganic substances will fly along the flue gas to escape into fly ash. Coal fly ash is usually recovered by electrostatic dust filter system.

According to the report of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, ash, slag and gypsum are mainly generated from coal- thermal power plants. These plants consume about 47.8 million tons of coal / year with the amount of ash and gypsum emitted annually over 16.4 million tons / year.

It is expected that by 2020, there will be more coal thermal projects put into operation, consuming about 60 million tons of coal / year and generating about 20.5 million tons of ash, slag and gypsum.

With a light weight grain composition, very small particle size (equivalent to 1/3 of cement particles), slag ash can fly freely in the air, spreading everywhere. This is the fear of residents near the thermal power plant and around the fly ash burial site.

It not only spreads in the air, the small underground water veins can also bring ash go across the crannies in the ground, with the composition of the ash covering the heavy metals, such as SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, CaO , NaO, TiO2, and etc. Contaminate water sources, cause many dangerous diseases.

However, this type of waste can be reused as raw material for cement, concrete and construction material production. In addition, ash, slag, gypsum is also used as a bonding agent, reinforcing traffic works, producing unburnt bricks, lightweight concrete, making ceiling panels, plaster walls, ceramics.

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