» Today: 02/06/2020
U.S. scientists recently published a map of the brain at a scientific conference in Boston (USA).
A new study by the Institute of Public Health, said that caffeine Norway related to low birth weight and caffeine from coffee can prolong pregnancy.
The successful modeling of the first four legs animals live on the ground in 3D has just seen the incredible detail, overturning people's understanding of them in the past 100 years.
Smart ground for sport (20/05/2013)
With the design of a German company, the sports ground will become the scene of a science fiction movie.
Creating a surface structure that is least 95 percent air, the new "superomniphobic" coating is claimed to repel the broadest range of liquids of any material in its class: coffee,oil or even acid.
Our skin has millions of endocrine sweat glands that can help keeping the body cool during exercise or in hot weather.
A new study has discovered a gene named RASGRF-2 playing an important role in relation to the stimulation of alcohol to the release of dopamine in the brain, which is making drinkers feeling joy and loving alcohol.
Researchers at MIT have discovered a new type of matter, and a new type of magnetism - and say it could change the way computers store information.
Alfred Russell Wallace was beaten to the punch in describing evolution by Charles Darwin, but Wallace’s contributions to biology have been just as long-lived.
A private drone with a small surveillance camera that can transmit live pictures of a crime taking place. Secom plans to rent out the drone that takes off when intruder alarms are tripped and records footage of break-ins as they happen. Picture: AFP Photo
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