» Today: 03/07/2020
The team of Croatia in Zagreb Agricultural University are testing the bees to detect mines left in Croatia and the Balkans in the 1990s.
Truong Sa’s territorial water in Viet Nam has a lot of beautiful creatures, strange and rare. Here are some of the species under the sea creature conservation list of Viet Nam.
This is a bit of cheery news a day after the nonsensical "Mayan Apocalypse of 2012" -- the potentially hazardous asteroid 2011 AG5 will not (I repeat, will not) threaten Earth in the year 2040.
The U.S. researchers warn excessively exercise can be at risk of cardiovascular disease after discovering that one in 10 marathon runners, there is a person with heart disease, according to Telegraph.
Two weeks before the Earth Summit in Rio the 20th against climate change takes place from June 20 to 22 coming; a team of 17 famous worldwide ecological researchers announced a report, which identified an overview of the most interesting point about the current ecosystem.
With 3 main colors of the body, we look the snake like a work of art when they mixed with nature.
Jimmy Hoffman is a professional photographer who enthuses in the wild animal world, has to look for the wild animals and take images of the birth process of the butterfly.
After decades of searching, finally physicists also believe that they have created successful legend particles Majorana fermion.
To discover, explore the life of the flamingos in Mexico through the splendid photos below:
Nguyen Huu Canh Street is severely flooded whenever there are heavy rains or tides (Photo) HCMC – A local scientist told HCMC chairman Le Hoang Quan on Tuesday to enhance preparedness for flooding which will worsen in the city in the coming years due to climate change and land sinking.
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