» Today: 02/06/2020
O'Dell's team was surprised to find irregular knots of dark, dense gas along the inner ring of the nebula like spokes in a wheel, NASA officials said.
The ability of salamanders to regrow limbs could eventually help with human limb regeneration, according to the latest research.
For the first time scientists have discovered water source at the age of one billion years underground in Canada.
Chinese scientists have found clues behind the white feathers of the white tiger, and found that if it is just a small point changed in pigmentation genes also being an sufficient condition on animals’ albinism, including people.
The photographs record the loveliest moments of the species of the animals
Let's imagine if we had a view of blue sun, what would it be? Huffingtonpost Page published "astronomy photo of the day" NASA's latest news, told us more about the fake color of the star with color of "cold" version, leading to a detailed insight about the chromosphere of the sun.
Scientists in Germany have identified the areas on over the world where the appearance of mammals and amphibians with different evolutionary are in danger worldwide. The areas with large concentrations of these species are highlighted as global conservation priorities.
Researchers from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard have found a method of forming the multifaceted and beautiful crystal structure.
The team of Croatia in Zagreb Agricultural University are testing the bees to detect mines left in Croatia and the Balkans in the 1990s.
Truong Sa’s territorial water in Viet Nam has a lot of beautiful creatures, strange and rare. Here are some of the species under the sea creature conservation list of Viet Nam.
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