» Today: 07/07/2020
A star is brighter than the sun
Researchers recently discovered a gold star with largest size until now. It is brighter than the sun.

According to AFP, the newly discovered star called HR 5171 A, located far from Earth about 12,000 light years.

Diameter of HR 5171 A is greater than 1.300 times and brighter than the Sun about a million times. Compared with Betelgeuse, one of the biggest and brightest stars is known by astronomers, HR 5171 A is larger than 50%. With this size, the astronomers said this is the largest gold star that is ever observed in the galaxy.

HR 5171 A is part of a binary star system and located very close to the other star, forming a binary system structure shaped like a giant peanut.

The research team from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) said the giant gold star is a rare type of star in the galaxy. So far, experts discovered 12 new stars of this type.

HR 5171 A has outstanding size and brightness compared with the other ones in the galaxy. (Photo: ESO)

HR 5171 A is observed through telescopes in Chile. In the past 40 years, the size of HR 5171 gradually increased and its temperature reduced.

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