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The discovery of the kind of "snake king" with 3 brilliant colors is on high mountains
With 3 main colors of the body, we look the snake like a work of art when they mixed with nature.

The snake king is one of the beautiful snakes with 3 colors; the endemic snakes are in the Santa Monica (Los Angeles), Santa Ana (Orange County and Riverside), and Santa Rosa Mountains (Riverside County) under the United States.

 They are the species of snakes prefer to live in cold climate and the ranges of the high mountain, even to 4,000 meters compared to sea water level. The scientists discovered them in 1960. With 3 main colors of the body, we look these snakes like a work of art when they mixed with nature.

 Therefore, these are named Kingsnake, is snake king, or the lord of this mountain. The mountain has many snakes is also called as Mountain Kingsnake.

Living in the environment is lack of oxygen, very cold, so the temperature of the snake body is very low. Most of the time these snakes live in the ground, crevices, cliffs, where it has a few tree. These don’t like to live in a hollow tree like other snakes.

 They often occur in warm days in the pine forests, or they sun their bodies on the rocks.

 The favorite foods of this snake species are lizards and several kinds of small mice. It is also not big; it is just over one meter in length.

 They are extremely gentle and harmless snakes to people, because they haven’t venom. Thus, in the region people like to breed Kingsnake in their house that these not only catch mousses but also these are ornamental animals.


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