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Producing vinegar from mango by-products
By reflux fermentation method, the research team of the Sub-institute of Agricultural Engineering and Post-harvest Technology (Ho Chi Minh City) has successfully produced vinegar from the by-products of the mango, which is wasted in the process of processing other products.

Vinegar is produced from the by-products of the mango.

This is also the result of the project "Research and develop technological processes for producing vinegar from mango by-products by reflux fermentation method."  The study was implemented  by MSc. Le Thi My Phuong.

In Vietnam, mangoes are grown quite popular and mainly used to eat fresh. In addition, some export processing companies have products from mangoes, such as frozen mango with 2 cheeks, chess pieces, pomegranate seeds, pureed jam, soft dried form, juice, and etc.

For exported frozen mango products, companies only use the cheeks of the mango, the remaining trimmings are very large, from 12-15 tons / day. For dried mango processing companies, only the mango pulp is used, the mango pulp may account for up to 30% of the mango meat. This is a source of mango by-products at present, companies do not have any measures to handle and dispose of waste and cause environmental pollution.

According to MSc. Le Thi My Phuong, mango by-products are a good source of raw materials for vinegar processing. In Vietnam today, traditional vinegar (cultured vinegar) is often produced in households. The fermentation of vinegar is mainly from rice wine, but of low quality and high price. Although industrially produced vinegar has a high content of acetic acid, it still does not meet the requirements of consumers, due to the harsh taste. Currently, the demand for traditional vinegar sources is still high, especially the fruit vinegar tends to be used as a functional food.

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