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Solutions to complete the mechanism of creating clean land fund and attracting investment in socio-economic development in Can Tho City
In the afternoon of April 23, 2019, Can Tho City Department of Science and Technology organized the Science and Technology Council to accept the project "Solutions to complete the creation of clean land fund and attract investment for development of socio-economy in Can Tho City.” The study was implemented by Associate professor, Dr. Phan Trung Hien - Law Faculty, Can Tho University.

The project aims to identify advantages and disadvantages in the mechanism of creating a clean land fund to attract investment in socio-economic development in Can Tho City, giving specific solutions to implement mechanisms of creating clean land fund with optimal efficiency.

The research team used a combination of methods, such as historical methods, statistical methods, synthetic methods, methods of economic analysis to systematize, synthesize and analyze the current legal regulations on creation of clean land fund to attract investment and legal research, practical research on this content in Can Tho City. Actual survey in a number of projects for creation of land funds through interviews with land users within the project area of Long Hoa ward and Long Tuyen ward, Binh Thuy district; The project of the State management area is contiguous to Tran Hoang Na street, extended through surveying the people in the project in Hung Loi ward, Ninh Kieu district.

Through the implementation of the project, the Project Management Board has completed the theoretical and analytical basis to assess the current law provisions on creating clean land fund to attract investment; identify specific irregularities in practical implementation of projects through quantitative survey research; summarizing experiences of some localities and expert opinions as a basis for analyzing and proposing solutions to complete the process of implementing the clean land fund project in Can Tho city; make specific recommendations to improve the quality of project performance before implementing both economic efficiency and social impact; clearly defining the functions and tasks of agencies and organizations related to the project implementation process in order to improve responsibility and coordination efficiency in the process of project implementation.

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