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Design and manufacture of smart agricultural and seafood drying rigs
The study was implemented by co-author Do Minh Cuong and Nguyen Dat.

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In Central Vietnam, in the process of drying agricultural and seafood forms, farmers often use direct sun drying. This method is simple, the drying cost is low, but it is not proactive because of erratic weather such as rain, dark, large area. To overcome some of these shortcomings, the study presents the results of designing and manufacturing the smart drying system controlling two MANU / AUTO modes, automatically collecting drying trays when it rains or suns dark thanks to moisture sensor, optical sensor and LOGO controller.

Test results of drying with 25 kg of rice paper showed that the drying frame worked stably and flexibly, the control system worked well, the occupied area decreased from 12.21 m2 (when the trays were spread out to dry ) to 3.10 m2 (when the trays are folded over the rack) to facilitate storage or movement, the trays move easily thanks to the wheels, the folding / spreading speed of the trays is 0.22 m / s, full folding / cover time is 11s to prevent harmful effects of erratic wet rain to agricultural products, control response time is 0.5s. Drying rigs can be used to dry some household-scale agricultural products, take initiative with the weather, contribute to mechanization and automatic application in agricultural production, mitigate human labor and hold proaction in drying, improving quality and value of agriculture and seafood.

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