» Today: 10/12/2019
An online magazine for the deaf community, Limping Chicken, recently ran an item on how deaf and hearing people sneeze differently.
Using gold nano particles on top of a PVC substrate, researchers have built a new type of cheap, flexible sensor that simultaneously detects pressure, humidity and temperature with surprising accuracy.
Two men with HIV seem to have been cleared of the virus after receiving stem-cell transplants to treat their lymphoma, scientists announced Wednesday at an International AIDS Society conference in Kuala Lumpur.
Heart failure with concomitant pulmonary hypertension is a growing health problem with a high mortality rate, above all in older people.
Scientists have identified higher levels of a receptor protein found on the surface of human breast tumour cells that may serve as a new drug target for the treatment of breast cancer.
Kidney patients who take calcium supplements to lower their phosphorus levels may be at a 22 per cent higher risk of death than those who take other non-calcium based treatments, according to a new study by Women's College Hospital's Dr. Sophie Jamal.
As a class, people who don't drink at all have a higher mortality risk than light drinkers. But nondrinkers are a diverse bunch, and the reasons people have for abstaining affects their individual mortality risk, in some cases lowering it on par with the risk for light drinkers, according to a University of Colorado study.
As we get older, the cushy material that absorbs shock between our spinal vertebrae breaks down, creating back pain and inhibiting our mobility.
American scientists have invented the world's first ultrasound scanner for smartphones, which could revolutionise healthcare in countries where the technology is not widely available.
The Smart Diapers from Pixie Scientific feature integrated sensors to help parents keep track of their infant’s health—and they’re disposable.
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